About Us

Sponsor A Child Initiative UBC (SCU) has been transforming the lives of South Sudanese refugee children by providing them with high school education in Kenya.

We are able to sponsor them by organizing fundraising events and finding donators. We foster community involvement, engaging the UBC community to enhance students’ and the faculty’s understanding of living and learning in refugee camps. We want to broaden the community’s perspective of life in South Sudan and Kenya and educate the community on specific areas of interests that are currently affecting the education of refugees.


Read a short letter from our founder.


In the near future, we aim to provide summer volunteer and work internships for UBC students who have a strong passion for what we do. This will not only benefit the local community in South Sudan and/or Kenya, but also give the students a life-changing experience, in addition to helping them improve their leadership and interpersonal skills and enhancing their cultural awareness as they build strong and long-lasting relationships with the local people.



Sponsor A Child Initiative aims to transform the lives of South Sudanese refugee children in Kenya, one student at a time.



Our mission is to sponsor at least five students every school year.



Education: To sponsor high school education for Kenyan and South Sudanese refugees.

Community involvement: To spread awareness through events and seminars to engage the South Sudanese community, UBC students, and faculty members to enhance their understanding of refugee education and its challenges.

Research: To create overseas internships and research opportunities for UBC students that are focused on the refugee sector.

Empowerment: To foster an enriched environment for the sponsored refugee students to interact with the outside world and gain international perspectives.

Transformational Leadership: To provide a platform to train students to develop their effective leadership skills so they may transform their own communities.

Unity: To bring students of diverse cultural and social backgrounds together towards a common goal. Education nurtures unity!



Social responsibility: It is our responsibility as global citizens to support the Kenyan and South Sudanese community; we believe that the best way is to provide education. We aim to invest in Kenyan and South Sudanese students through education to not only improve their personal lives, but also to enable their local communities for positive change.

Building strong, long-lasting relationships: We focus on molding the spirit of solidarity and togetherness in the community by creating a platform to allow an exchange of intimate thoughts in a judgement-free and supportive atmosphere.

Maximizing potential: We encourage individuals to leave a lasting impact on the lives of others by daring to “step out of comfort zones” in fighting for education.


Terms of sponsorship

The sponsorship is for both boys and girls who qualify.

The applicant must be a refugee and South Sudanese or Kenyan by birth.

The applicant must be a grade eight graduate and lacks any financial support from parents, relatives, or friends.